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Changes in Annuity Plan – December 2015
Changes to Partial Distributions for Retirees
Changes in Annuity Plan Loan Provisions - Dec 2003

Download an Annuity Payout Application
Download an Annuity Beneficiary Form
Download an Annuity Loan Application
Procedures for Processing Domestic Relations Orders

Annuity Fund Summary Plan Description

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Important Notice:

The Fund Office sends to each member, on a monthly basis, a statement of hours worked, as reported by your employer(s). You MUST notify the Fund Office in writing, as soon as possible,if you find any discrepancies on the report. Failure to report this information may result in a loss of benefit eligibility for you and your family!

Question: How can I withdraw my Annuity?

Answer: You must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • to be receiving a pension from the Local 282 Pension Trust Fund and no longer inemployment with any contributing employer.

  • to have six consecutive months of no employer contributions or required to be madeon your behalf and cease working for any contributing employer.

  • to be totally and permanently disabled and unable to engage in work for which youwere previously qualified.

Question: How can I take out an annuity loan?

Answer: Members may borrow from their annuity for the purchase of an automobile, purchase of a primary residence, education expenses or funeral expense. Contact the Fund office for an application. Question: How can I find out the balance of my account?Answer: You may stop in the Fund office or put a request in writing. No balances may be given over the telephone.

Question: I sent in a beneficiary form for vacation. Does that cover Annuity also?

Answer: No, the Annuity fund has its own beneficiary designation form that all members should complete.If you are unsure if you have a form on file, contact the Annuity Department in the Fund Office.

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