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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many hours do I need to become eligible for medical coverage?

Answer: Required for eligibility is 200 hours in the proper three (3) working months i.e.:

Working Quarter Benefit Quarter
February, March & April  for June 1 – September 30
May, June & July for September 1 – December 31
August, September & October for December 1 – March 31
November, December & January for March 1 – June 30

After initial 200 hours - requirement is 120 hours per working quarter to maintain benefits. If 1,000 hours are worked between February 1 - January 31, coverage is provided for 1 year beginning March 1 - February 28 (29 leap year).

Question: What happens if I marry, divorce or have a baby?

Answer: The member should contact the Fund Office's Enrollment Department for the proper paperwork needed.

Question: What should I do if I get hurt on the job?

Answer: When you are injured on the job you should be sure to file a Workers' Compensation accident report with your employer. Then the Fund Office is to be notified in order to be eligible for credits towards your benefits.

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