Hearing Benefit


Hearing Benefits are provided through our vendor General Hearing Services (GHS). This benefit is available to active members ONLY (not dependents or retirees) and only from in-network providers.

Question: How do I access the Plan?

Answer: To find a participating provider, you should contact GHS at 1-888-899-1447 for a list of available locations in your area.

Question: What am I entitled to under this benefit?

1. Free Hearing Screening.

2. There is a $150 co-pay (per instrument, per ear) for two (2) of the following Hearing Instruments one per ear once every three (3) years:
     • Advanced Behind-the-Ear
     • Advanced Receiver-in-the-Ear
     • Advanced In-the-Ear
     • Advanced Completely-in-the Canal

Benefit can be applied toward any upgraded Digital Programmable Hearing Aid Instrument ITC/ITE/BTE/RITE
3 year warranty for repair and one time loss or damage and 1 year of free batteries

Question: How can I get a brochure?

Answer: Please contact GHS at 1-888-899-1447 or click here.

Question: Can I use a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider for an eye exam and just pay the medical co-payment?

Answer: No, Hearing Aids are not a covered benefit through the Major Medical Plan


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