Optical Benefits


Optical (or Vision) benefits are provided through our Optical vendors, General Vision Services (GVS) Vision Screening and CPS Optical. This benefit is available to eligible participants and their covered dependents once a year based on your anniversary date. You may choose to use a GVS, Vision Screening or CPS Optical participating provider, or use a non-participating provider of your choice.

Question: How do I access the Plan?

Answer: To access benefits, please visit or contact one of the participating providers shown on the GVS, Vision Screening or CPS Optical brochures. If you intend to use a non-participating provider, please call GVS at 1-800-VISION-1 for reimbursement information. Please do not call the Fund Office for benefit information as the plan is not administered by the Fund Office.

Question: What am I entitled to under this benefit?

Answer: You are entitled to an eye exam and either a pair of glasses or contact lenses, with certain restrictions, which may be found in the GVS, Vision Screening or CPS Optical brochures.

Question: How do I get a brochure?

Answer: Contact GVS by calling 1-800-VISION-1, or online at www.generalvision.com. Vision Screening can be reached at 1-800-652-0063 or online at www.vscreening.com. CPS Optical can be reached at (212) 675-5745 or online at www.cpsoptical.com. You can also find brochures at the union offices located at 2500 Marcus Avenue, Lake Success, New York.

Question: What is the reimbursement amount if I choose a non-participating provider?

Answer: You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $150 upon completion of a claim reimbursement form provided by GVS. If you use a participating provider, you will have little or no out-of-pocket expenses, unless you choose to purchase products not covered under the standard plan.

Question: Does the Fund cover Laser Eye Surgery?

Answer: No, the Fund does not cover Laser Eye Surgery, through the Optical Plan or the Medical Plan.

Question: Can I use a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider for an eye exam and just pay the medical co-payment?

Answer: No. Routine eye exams are not covered through the Major Medical Plan.

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