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List of Unclaimed Vacation/Sick Leave Checks (March 2016)

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Check your statements throughout the year for accurate information.

The Vacation & Sick Leave Fund is funded by contributions made by your employer from your wages, on your behalf. These contributions are invested and the resulting investment earnings (less administrative expenses) become part of the Vacation Fund income.

Question: When do I receive my Vacation/Sick Leave payout?

Answer: Distributions are sent out once per year, usually every November.

Question: What period does my check cover?

Answer: Hours worked from July through the following June (e.g., 7/1/2010 - 6/30/2011) and any adjustments that are made as a result of your employer's payroll audit. There shall be no contributions to the Vacation and Sick Leave Trust Fund for Bonus Night time hours or paid Vacation and Holiday hours.

Question: What if my credited hours are incorrect?

Answer: Any disputes should be reported to our Collections Department as soon as possible. In fact, each month you receive a statement of your reported hours. It is advisable that you review your monthly statement and contact our Collections Department immediately if you discover any discrepancies.

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