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WTC Responder Resources


The World Trade Center Health Program
The program provides health monitoring, tests and medical care for people who worked in response and recovery operations at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the passenger jet crash site near Shanksville, PA.


Download August 7th Victims' Compensation Fund Educational Session Flyer
Download the WTC Health Program Flyer
Download the Responder Fact Sheet

Oral History Project
The oral history project  is a moving and often evocative collection of experiences, created by Dr. Benjamin Luft, the medical director of the Long Island Clinical Center of Excellence. They are the responders stories in their own voices.  They  beautifully demonstrate the humanity of 9/11.  This project sprouted 2 more projects: the documentary film "9/11: An American Requiem"  and the book project "We're not leaving!"

Local 282 IBT · 2500 Marcus Ave · Lake Success, NY 11042

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